Riverby (and Shadow) video from ‘Roll Call’

Jason Dick and the Roll Call team stopped by Riverby D.C. this week and did a good video with owner Paul about the store. Paul does a great job and gets across the mystery and fun of older D.C. books and pieces of history. Lori wanted to stay off-camera — but they snuck her into one shot! And Shadow makes a couple appearances, including a good close-up.

New York weekend, cold and pretty

A great escape a month or so ago. Not pictured – a couple more amazing meals. Gristmill, I’ll be back for more of your pizza someday. And on the other end of the spectrum, the Tenement Museum, a must-visit for every American.

‘She was tall and cool and pretty and she dressed as black as coal…’

The Smithereens snuck up on me. I have no idea heard about them, but I’m pretty sure no one I knew ever mentioned them. Maybe a message board did. But I’m going to credit, of all entities, BMG Music Club. Years after the band broke big (or as big as they broke), the sound of Smithereens was everything I wanted from late nineties’ and early aughts’ power pop but couldn’t get: bigger drums, angrier guitars, darker (but still feeling and human) moods. Among other inspirations, they drew lyrics from a cruel-Bogart Nicholas Ray movie. Who did that?

RIP Pat DiNizio.