Still hunting Blessed Sacrament

I got an e-mail earlier this month from Chris Ziobro, who had come across my April post about the transfer students from my class at Blessed Sacrament. It was great to hear from him, and Beau, Jeff and I got a kick out of it.

Maybe someday the rest of that list will Google themselves. Repeating for Google’s sake: Christina Grillo, Mark Girard, Andrew Berman, Molly Williams, Andre Von Eden, and Marie-Therese Mudd. To that April list, Beau adds: Andrew Hoffman, Marc (“3rd grade, we shared a locker,” says Beau, who can’t remember Marc’s last name and neither can I), Rob Burke, David Staunton, James Montgomery, and Juan Marietta.

We got in touch with Koran Addo a couple years ago when he turned up on a journalism industry site. He was reporting for the Minnesota Daily at the time and recently has been writing for the Twin Cities’ One Nation News.

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  1. This is awesome if this is indeed Mr. Raimo. This is also awesome if this is not Mr. Raimo. Hello and thank you for visiting nonetheless! Good call on the name.

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