Pepperidge Farms’ most boring cookie name ever

Milano … Geneva … Bordeaux … Brussels … Chessmen … Pirouette … Sausalito … Nantucket … Ginger Man (two words!) … but … Sugar?

I went looking for what 21st-century marketing campaign came up with such an un-Pepperidge name, and apparently the Sugar has existed for years. Who knew? Until that fateful trip to Target, I’d never seen a bag before in my life. And I’m not one to pass the Pepperidge Farms shelves without stopping. And thinking. And wanting a cookie. Or, if I’ve just eaten cookies, a cracker. Now I want to eat Goldfish more than I want to blog. Damn you, shelves! Entenmann’s doesn’t do this to me. The point here is that I notice, and that Sugar cookie is crazy.

A blog suggests the Pepperidge boringness goes far beyond Sugar. I side with the commenters who stick up for the cookies, especially the one who defends Chessmen. Writes the dude, “Who knew Chessmen could be comforting and polarizing at the same time?” There’s no huge love for Chessmen from this corner, aside from the challenge of eating around the heads (kids, try it), but I respect the classicism more now.

Two closing thoughts. One, the Pepperidge Farm “What kind of cookie am I today?” quiz tells me I’m a Sausalito. “You’re feeling especially adventurous, and you’re craving excitement and new experiences. With its abundance of luscious milk chocolate chunks and rich macadamia nuts, the Sausalito cookie takes you to delightfully unexpected places.” The quiz is apparently for women. Two —

D.C. neighborhoods most likely to be Pepperidge Farm cookies: Shaw, Kalorama, Georgetown, Hillcrest, Foxhall, Adams Morgan (chunky kind).

5 thoughts on “Pepperidge Farms’ most boring cookie name ever”

  1. The Pepperidge Farm Sugar cookie is a defining artefact of my childhood. They were my mother and brother’s favorite cookies. They’re also easy to parse out to bratty, hungry children in that the little cups inside make for simple sharing. Since we had an irrational chocolate ban in my home, these cookies went a long way to curing a sugar craving.

  2. Today I am a Verona. Do Veronas and Sausalitos get along? My guess is that they would. Who knows what kind of cookie I will be tomorrow?

  3. I started the day as a Verona and ended as a Chessman. Unfortunately, that sounds about right. :)

    Also, I think we should put together a campaign to “Create a cookie for your neighborhood.” Kind of like the Haagen Dazs SCOOP! contest, but maybe with more emphasis on thoughtful designing and less on the doing. Name, cookie ingredients, flavor balance and shape taken into consideration when compared with contestant’s description of neighborhood. Winner could get what most might consider a year’s supply, but devotees might assess more like 3 months worth. :)

  4. How did the quiz define Veronas and Chessmen? The Verona I could see some sort of strawberry name-dropping alive-with-the-fruit-ness, maybe. Yes? With the Chessmen, how does a lady quiz come back with a violent man cookie? Do they explain with butter? If so, I approve. People can explain anything to me with butter.

    Would be all in favor of the cookie contest because I like the idea of turning neighborhood qualities into ingredients. What ingredients say court house? If the court was appellate, the answer would be apples. But no.

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