Pix: Prague, part two, with luck in the absinthe

Everyone touched this Charles Bridge plaque for luck. But what kind of luck? Faithful, financial, fertile? Eek. Googled later: To return to Prague.

What to eat after a huge breakfast? Ah — rolled dough, cooked on a spit and dipped into cinnamon and sugar. Perfect for walking up a hill.

Atop the hill was Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle in the world, office to kings, emperors and now presidents. A crowd had gathered.

No idea what hour it was, we’d met the changing of the castle guard, and at noontime it brought with the only change fanfare of the day.

There at primetime, we circled St. Vitus cathedral but didn’t try the line. We did have a good conversation about what nationalities cut in lines.

Thought Kristin was going over the side here. And a random girl came up to me and said she liked my Threadless T-shirt. (Go Threadless!)

Fun Explosive followed us everywhere. More writers need wild design.

Just outside the castle gates: absinthe ice cream. I passed on tiramisu gelato for it. It was great. (Potential slogan: “Go crazy for ice cream!”)

Not done on the ice cream: Wonderfully light with the cream flavor just above the spirit. Also, may have made me fall back in love with cones.

2 thoughts on “Pix: Prague, part two, with luck in the absinthe”

  1. I totally forgot about trdelnik!! How amazing were those pastry rolls? These pictures make me so unbelievably jealous. Must…go…back…soon….

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