NPR’s appearance in the Hidden Washington DC photos

Hidden Washington DC made the rounds yesterday, thanks to DCist’s post, and deservedly so. If you were a native or a curious transplant, the mostly black-and-white stills of mid-’80s Washington were exciting and painful, an education or a reminder. I loved the gallery. I sent it to my parents, and they loved it too. (One warning: Clicking through the photos and then, via @jfdulac and Journal-isms, reading the terrifying 1981 Washington Post ombudsman report on the Janet Cooke scandal threw me into a hometown, ghosts-of-the-city-past existential crisis for about five minutes. Then I got back to work. Go where it takes you.)

Among the hidden-ness, NPR makes an almost-hidden appearance in the background of the Marlo Furniture building at 7th and Eye NW.

1987, from the photo set (full size here):

Today, in Google Street View:

2 thoughts on “NPR’s appearance in the Hidden Washington DC photos”

  1. Glad to see these images resonating with people. I remember when NPR was down on M street and I worked in a photo store and people like Daniel Zwerdling and others would come in and drop off film.

    At the time when NPR reporters were covering El Salvador and Marion Barry, I was pounding the pavement capturing the city.

    Thanks for the link.

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