It’s not relativity if you build furniture

Hung my new year’s calendar on a wall this weekend and remembered I’d never posted pictures from the day when I’d bought it. Also reading Einstein’s Dreams, a great time-riffing book from author Alan Lightman, at whose Harpswell Foundation Lindsay began working this weekend in Phnom Penh, I dug up the photos, which gave a happily fragmentary view. Most of that Chicago trip had been about Reuniafest, terrific as usual. These days had been the random, ridiculous two surrounding.

From early pages of Lightman’s book, “In this world, time is like a flow of water, occasionally displaced by a bit of debris, a passing breeze. Now and then, some cosmic disturbance will cause a rivulet of time of turn away from the mainstream, to make connection backstream…”

Who knew you could make eggs so many ways? Everyone, yes.

The vinyl shop had Gaslight Anthem records and a mustache machine.

The bar not only had the beer from Salzburg but had a carving of it.

The claims of best croissant in Chicago turned out to be true.

The restaurant that inspired a poetry discussion. Good job, Campbell.

The roof of the theater.

Uncaptured: The bookstore that had plenty of Nick Hornby in stock. A funny store selling the Ugly calendar. Half a dozen other funny stores. How Campbell McGrath’s “The Indivisibles” has been on my fridge door for years. Building furniture. Using the record player. The best poutine in Chicago. Gelato. How much one can see the future. Coat rescues.

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