Hurray for the neighborhood taco truck

I’d been suspicious for a while of the taco truck down the street from my apartment. The truck never went anywhere. Sometimes it pulled a car length forward or a few dozen feet around the corner, but it never went far from its spot on the service road next to Route 50. The truck itself had probably seen better days. Who knew if it could even drive more than a few dozen feet? Some days, the proprietors strung lights from the truck, but that was as fancy as they got.

But after prompting from friends and cab drivers, I finally visited Tacos El Chilango, and I wanted to tell you all how sorry I was that I waited. I’ve hit the truck twice just this month, and I couldn’t have come away more impressed. The prices were great: $2 for a very full taco. The taste was worth multiples of the price: fresh, flavorful, delighting you always to take another bite. The owner and his team were all as nice as could be, in both English and Spanish, and often tossed in a free taco.

Catching up on the ARL Now blog, I learned the owner’s family plans to open an El Chilango restaurant in D.C. soon. I put it on my list to visit. ARL Now pointed toward all of the truck’s five-star Yelp reviews, and I was no Yelper but wanted to do my part. Hurray for the neighborhood taco truck! Long may it open its window down the block.


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