What we launched this week at NPR: responsiveness

After two-and-a-half months of work, our team launched a responsive overhaul of our blogs on Wednesday. New engineering and design allow us to serve a page optimized on the fly for however you visit NPR — phones, tablets or desktops. Previously, the phone view of our blog posts hasn’t even given our readers links. Now the full post comes through, with all of the storytelling┬ápieces, working in different ways on different platforms.

We’ve written a blog post about the launch here. If you’re on a desktop or laptop and unfamiliar with responsive designs, size your browser window smaller and then bigger on your monitor. You’ll be able to see the shifts.

The experience isn’t perfect yet, but we’ve already made a couple dozen tweaks since launch and have some bigger pieces still in development. But the initial traffic numbers have been good, and the Twitter reactions have been very encouraging. We hope to use this page style on much more of the NPR site soon. Our team is already onto the next steps of building.

And what a team! In alphabetical order, with everyone being some range of full-time to part-time the last few months: Andy, Danny, Erica, Jeremy, Joanne, Lauren, Marina, Max, myself, Todd, Vince, Wes, Wright. I’m worn from the project and so are others. But this team as a whole has brought such a pumped-up attitude for the entire run so far. I’m ready for more.

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