The code it is a-changin’

I was listening to a lot of Dylan too late the other night and thinking too much about work. The combination makes one realize just how weird jobs are, in the scheme of things. So I tried to tire myself out and did a writing exercise, which was dumb and internal but kinda fun and got me to sleep.

Come gather round people, you’re all engineers
Play with the clay of the non-profiteers
Alphabet guessing games, they count time in the year
You know it’s almost now freezin’
The scrum master pleads, “Take it up and be clear”
For the code it is a-changin’

Come unresolved issues and stories begun
As you are somebody, you want something done
So that done-something can run on and on
Your pigs and your chickens need feedin’
To keep on the lights, metrics run by the ton
For the code it is a-changin’

Come all you responsive to the greater display
Don the buttons and berets of serendipity day
Penguins must die and for them must you pray
There’s always a sound you hear hummin’
The cycles they come for to take you away
For the code it is a-changin’

Who holds all the stakes and who puts in their skin
Who matters when subjects and experts begin
To confluence at ends, some fat and some thin
Your tables are soon to be meetin’
For a good Randall once is worth Randall again
And the code it is a-changin’

An old building dead, a new building born
All will be different, not a thread will be worn
You hope your editions will always be morn
Come down, your guests are arrivin’
Tiny desks round the walls and they all raise their horns
For the code it is a-changin’

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