Nothing wrong with waiting on an idea

A years and a quarter ago, I chased an idea for Serendipity Day that didn’t pan out. Last weekend, I came across my middle-of-the-night notes.

We typically think of digital “lean-forward” vs. “lean-back” experiences as interaction vs. consumption. But what about voice?

Voice is interaction, but there are different kinds of interaction. Just like there are different kinds of consumption. Like — lean forward and lean back. The phone is a good example of how voice can be both. You can feel the difference between lean-forward and lean-back conversations.

What does lean-back mean for voice?

Observing, thinking, contemplative expression. A voice sounding much more like NPR than Siri’s leanforward style. Different than Ford’s SYNC.

Does lean-back audio interaction exist? If so, how do we nurture it?

I tried Google’s voice tech the next day and didn’t find enough options to make an experiment interesting. Couldn’t lean back and get much done. This spring, though, I was glad to go back to the idea and find so many more toys. Years ago, I felt that when an idea arrived, it had to happen right then or it would never be real. Happy to grow up and find patience.

Posting this now as a reminder to myself… and to anyone else who might run across it, anyone who wonders when something sought might arrive.

And to remind myself to have patience.

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