I love weird old notes

Discovered this one from 10 years ago, when, apparently, we were thinking about how to bring certain USA Today health and wellness content to life.

How to live a long life

–your advice on how to live a long life
–world’s oldest people
–obituaries of people over 100

making choices
controlling the side effects of affluence
feeling in control of your destiny
balanced lifestyle — good news compsenating for the bad?
stress management
respond to challenges, effectively restore+sustain balance

–split wellness into categories
–let daylife create categories

destroy the body vs. keep it alive
–two columns of recommendations — why should he die, why should he live

a law, an offender, a target and a place = a crime

human map

I still like the idea of aggregating centenarian obituaries. I have no idea what “human map” means or why criminality came into play. I think “destroy the body vs. keep it alive” was some kind of game idea. Which is pretty weird.

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