‘A corporeal software update’

Long week. Woke up this morning (Saturday) thinking it was still a weekday and that the problems from the second half of yesterday needed solving today. A bit of a treadmill feeling this week… with someone standing in front of the treadmill and throwing basketballs and volleyballs at your feet. Next week will be better.

Related, can I get one of these rooms? For work or home, either.


The room was unchanged, but my senses were operating independently of my mind. I watched inky patterns scroll across the wall: a hallucination, maybe, or some neural process I usually wouldn’t notice, a corporeal software update.

In such a deadened room, a body bursts with life, spilling it out through every sense. I felt enraptured and paralyzed, as if I were a disembodied mind seared in the void, listening to a recording of silence played at top volume.


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