Fortunately, we didn’t have to climb down the ladder

While watching TV the other night, we noticed flashing lights outside. Looking at the window, we found a fire truck raising its ladder… to our apartment. There were no alarms going off in the building or — I looked around the living room and kitchen for a second to see if we’d somehow lost our minds and missed a fire in progress — our apartment. The ladder stopped at the roof of the building, which is atop our apartment ceiling. We decided to put on our shoes and go outside.

(“We should put on our shoes” status has only occurred once previously in our home, during last year’s massive hailstorm. There are seven windows in our living room and one large skylight.)

Fortunately, as we exited the fireproof stairs to the first floor, we found neighbors with a not-scary explanation. One neighbor was cleaning her stove, which started a burning smell. An upstairs neighbor called 911. Good people, both, for doing what they did. The firefighters determined no other problems with stove, and their man on the ladder found no systems aflame on the roof. He came back down the ladder, past our living room, and we all went home.

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