Great blog tagline

On The Girl Who, the very confessorial and sometimes controversial blog from Monica Bielanko, wife of Marah’s Serge, we get this header:

The Girl Who
“I find her writing mediocre, at best.”
-My Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend

There’s also a great embedded YouTube video of Marah playing Long Hot Summer (lyrics second to the bottom here) from the extra features on the Sooner or Later in Spain DVD (and originally on the No Electric Guitars compilation). It’s a rare sad summer love song, but Monica’s right that it’ll warm you up.

I’d like to see Mr. Six driving one of these

Dan Neil reviews the BMW 335i Coupe.

THIS is a seriously great engine. First of all, look at the fuel economy: 20 miles per gallon city, 29 mpg highway. I’m wondering if this isn’t the most fuel-efficient 300-horsepower coupe on the market. Thank you, direct injection. Second, this engine feels like the log flume ride at Six Flags Over Torque. Full torque arrives at a mere 1,400 rpm and doesn’t begin to dissipate until 5,000 rpm. Even then the car feels so giddy and besotted with rpm that it’s easy to bump up against the 7,000-plus rev limiter in the first two gears.

These compact turbos spool up with nary a breath of hesitation, giving the car a throttle response indistinguishable from a bigger, naturally aspirated motor. Put your foot down and the car just pulls like a reindeer. Zero-to-60 mph acceleration hovers in the range of 5 seconds flat, but that hardly does justice to the right-here, any-gear eagerness of the motor. In sixth gear at highway speeds, the twin-turbo still has enough amperage to draw you back into the deep-bolstered seat.

And something I hadn’t heard — Mr. Six uncovered, possibly.

Not a good start to the day

When you raise the orange juice glass for the first gulp of the day and miss, bouncing it off your front teeth. Fortunately, the kind of snow that fell last night is “sweepable snow.” And the rumor-rejecting Irish Times cheers us all up with a question for DCist: “Do you know how to get a hold of the people who post on the Internet?”

(DCist also informs me the LBJ Grove and the rest of the Boundary Channel-ed Columbia Island, while being on the Virginia side of the Potomac, are actually part of Washington, as are the rest of the Potomac’s islands. How do I not know this?)