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Bacon and spam shouldn’t go together

The new brand of attempted spam on the blog this month is a topical comment coupled with last month’s friendliness (and a Facebook URL). Certain attempted spams add bacon to the mix, which is evil genius:

Eliminating trigger misspells: “We meant to ask about the bacon when we were there a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for posting this recipe! Is there a particular brand of bacon you tend to use? Welcome to the blogosphere. Hope you’re more disciplined about it than I usually am.”

Thank you for all the encouragement spam

I love a nice trend in my WordPress comment spam. The Akismet plug-in does a good job of keeping the spam off the site, but I get a couple dozen messages in the holding queue, behind the scenes, each week.

Sometimes the trend is in language, like Russian. Sometimes an Asian spam house will manually enter promotions for sketchy Internet-only plumbing or car parts. But sometimes the trend is unexpected. Today, as I catch up after a few days away, I’m happy to see what’s arrived.

Encouragement! Good cheer! None of the spams promotes a company in the username, email address, site, or comment. Instead, I’m seeing common names, random email addresses, no promoted websites, and comments consisting only of attaboys. Which is nice. I’m guessing the occasional misspellings and odd phrasings are cues for serious spam engines, to see where they might get their content onto sites easily.

If that’s true, publishing their text in a post might be a poor decision. But on the mend today, I like the happiness. They hit the spot. Below are the 11 spams I received this week, counting down to my favorite.


11. “Thanks alot – your answer solved all my pobrlems after several days struggling.”

10. “In the complicated world we live in, it’s good to find siplme solutions.”

9. “AKAIK [as far as I know, sort of] you’ve got the awnser in one!”

8. “BION [believe it or not] I’m impersesd! Cool post!”

7. “You got to push it-this essenital info that is!”

6. “Visited your blog post through Digg. You already know I am signing up to your rss feed.”

5. “Appreciation for this infmortaoin is over 9000-thank you!”

4. “I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it exrteemly easy for me!”

3. “Pin my tail and call me a doenky, that really helped.”

2. “If my problem was a Death Star, this article is a photon treopdo.”

1. “You put the lime in the coocunt and drink the article up.”

Spam sadness

I like to think of spam as machine-generated. You likely do as well. So, it’s too bad, when WordPress spam logs make it clear, to see staff at the Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board manually place spam comments on this blog. Maybe it’s not an employee at the company at all but someone who’s hacked in the address. Or maybe it’s not a real person but a machine mimicking human clicks from a Google search to a post to a comment field to submission. But it’s still sad clicks journey through one of the world’s poorer countries to post spam for “Engine and Transmission World,” beginning: “It’s that time of the year again. That time when the car companies are going to start advertising their cars with red ribbons and bows and all kinds of neat little fixings.”

Spam this week

From a “testimonial” about a 2-DVD U.K. compilation of sheet music, midi files, music software, and entertainment industry contacts: “I was very sceptical. I waited for 3 weeks before I ordered, but assure you, this bloke is genuine.”