Marah gone MTV?

Congratulations, Marah, you got what you wanted. You said you’d get out of the Philly/Jersey shore circuit and get to play across the pond. You said you’d ditch the banjoes and all the instruments that made you interesting, that made you the “Last Rock and Roll Band.” (The title was self-proclaimed, but listeners agreed with you.)

Now, the latest news about you is that you have done exactly what you said you’d do. I’ve listened to a couple snippets of the new album, which made their way onto the Web today. You’ve smoothed out your voices, you’ve turned up those guitars and you sure did use that mixing board. You’ve made a record that’s going to sell and sell and sell. I’ll buy one the day it comes out, for the little bit of you that’s left in it.

Update two months later: A more fair take.

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