Amit and I placed an ad in last Tuesday’s Daily Northwestern, touting the benefits of subletting our apartment (as well as touting the Noyes Boyz — Fred, Manny and Ben — and Al’s Deli — John and Bob).

Good HAIRCUTS, good SANDWICHES. 2133 Ridge, near Noyes St. 2 big bdrms, 1 bath. Living/SUN room. Top floor; city’s best breezes. On-site manager. Avail. after graduation. Price negotiable. Call Patrick, XXX-XXXX.

On Friday evening, we received our first call about the ad. We weren’t here to answer; the answering machine said 8:05 p.m. With high hopes, we returned the call at 2:15 the next afternoon. “Oh yeah,” the man said, speaking for “Edy” who had called, “we already took care of that. Sorry. Thanks, though.”

They had found and taken another sublet in a period of 18 hours. Who does that? They never had a chance to experience good haircuts or, for that matter, good sandwiches. Amit and I were disappointed, but we wish them well in their new hovel. The city’s best breezes will ease our pain.

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