Back in town

The blog’s been in the desert for a while and needs a drink; I guess I should post something.

The retreat this past weekend was terrific. After meeting at Sheil on Friday, we journeyed an hour north to St. Benedict’s Abbey in Benet Lake, Wis. We did your typical retreat stuff — talking, contemplating, praying. We did your not-so typical retreat stuff too, like the Saturday night dance party. At least I assume the monks don’t play a whole lot of Tupac.

All in all, I came back refreshed and much clearer in the head than I have been in a while. (And, yes, I feel closer to God. *Half my readers cringe and give that polite but inwardly horrified face.*) Today’s return to class skimmed away some of that good feeling, of course, but I still feel much better off. Which is a good thing.

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