Patrick popularity declines

What’s wrong with you people? What’s wrong with you, America? Don’t you like my name anymore? According to Social Security Adminstration statistics, you like it less and less with each passing day. Decades of advancement are slowly being reversed.

See, back in the early 1900s, we didn’t have it so easy. From 1900-1909, “Patrick” was only the 114th most popular boy baby name in the United States. In the 1910s, things got worse; my name slipped to 156th most popular.

But beginning then, we began one heck of a run. The name improved to 142nd in the 1920s, 107th in the 1930s, 57th in the 1940s, and 40th in the 1950s. Finally, the name hit its peak in the 1960s: 32nd.

The 1970s, unfortunately, would signal a turn — a turn against my name. The name dropped to 37th during that decade and 38th in the 1980s. The 1990s would take it back to 44th and the trend didn’t stop there. In 2000, the name sunk to 69th. In 2001? 73rd. In 2002? 80th.

The New York Times Magazine analyzes the baby naming of America in this week’s issue. They had experts predict the top baby names of 2010. Patrick did not make the list. Going number one most popular to number 10, the boy’s top list comprised: Ethan, Connor, Jaden, Cole, Jack, Caleb, Liam, Julian, Elijah, Own, Tristan, and Dominic.

As someone who may have children by 2010 (age 30), I dislike these popular named children already. “Patrick” will surely suffer for their parents’ choices.

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