Attention, Chicago breakfasters

Your Cereality is scheduled to welcome its first customers on Monday, Metromix reports. According to Gapers Block, doors open at 6 a.m. that day.

I’ll be interested to hear how things kick off. My brother says the Cereality at Penn suffers from a poor location. After walking past a mostly empty store at breakfast time during a busy graduation weekend, I’m not doubting it. But I do like the spoon chairs.

A Columbia College film student has apparently gotten a job at the Chicago franchise, and she blogged earlier this week about the training. On Tuesday, all sounded good. “I love the job. I love the uniform. I love the company.” On Wednesday, it was more of the same. “We were playing a game to try and remember all the cereal recipes and I rocked everyone’s faces off.”

And she hasn’t been the only one blogging there. Another college student, already being promoted. He was in quality spirits last Sunday: “I’m so fucking excited about this job, it’s not even funny.”

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