Apposition of the day

In an ad on CNN promoting National Bread Month and the 100th anniversary of the toaster: “Did you know that toast — yes, that tasty transformation of sliced bread — is ….”

More information about toast — yes, that tasty transformation of sliced bread — is available on the Grain Foods Foundation site.

Highlights include …

On the racier side, a recent nationwide survey conducted by Harris Interactive┬« for the Grain Foods Foundation found that nearly 10 percent of Americans are more passionate about toast than they are for, well, passion. One in ten said they “would rather eat toast in the morning than have sex.” Another 52 percent indicated they prefer toast in the morning over candy, 38 percent want toast more than chocolate, and 29 percent prefer their morning toast over a bubble bath.

And …

Historians believe toast first became common about 5,000 years ago in Egypt. The Romans spread the idea of toast across Europe. The word “toast” comes from the Latin “tostum” which means scorch or burn.

And …

However, the toaster did not really take off until after 1933 when sliced bread was invented, which makes it official: historically speaking, the toaster is the next best thing since sliced bread.

And I had no idea sliced bread wasn’t invented until 1933. I feel like I felt when I found the high-five wasn’t invented until the ’70s.

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