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Legal Melody found him in September, sent me the story and then I forgot to post it. Until now. I’ve dropped the name of the law school for my similnoymous friend’s spam protection. Yup, made up that word. We toss to Mel…

I have started playing intramural softball. (dont you guys wish you were still in college too?)

I see on the e-mail roster list that one of the guys was p.cooper@[university].edu. Affectionately called P-Coop by our Team Captain

And gee was I surprised when I saw the line-up and Patrick Cooper apparently entered my law school unbeknownst to me.

BUT NO — this was not Patrick Cooper of Three-Green fame. This was a tall skinny BLOND boy, who is apparently in my class but I have never met him (see how anti-social I am).

So I say to the pretend-Coop, ah you’re Patrick Cooper, I had a friend in college who was Patrick Cooper.

Him: Oh that’s so weird.

Me: Yeah he even has a website

Him: Oh yeah, he got that from me. I let it lapse.

Me: Really?? That’s so odd.

Him: So you must have gone to Northwestern huh?

Me: Yeah, that’s so funny.

Him: Yeah, it was my own fault for letting it lapse. But he was right there to snap it up.

The End

Until this story, I had no idea anyone had owned the domain name before me. After buying a CD burner frm Staples early in college, I got on the retailer’s e-mail list and then couldn’t resist when I got an e-mail from the list offering URLs for a buck. I checked on my name, found no one owned it and figured if any idiot was going to own my name on the Internet, that idiot was going to be me.

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