Wouldn’t buy one, but had to know

ElvisNews.com posted a press release last week about plans for “Elvis ’68 Comeback Special Toys.” I’m not deep into novelty toys — nor light into them either, aside from the Mr. Potato Head who lives next to my television — but I do love the concert. So I checked out the link to see what it been toy-ized.

It turns out the new toy was the sign. E-L-V-I-S lights up sequentially and sells for $50. Also new is a “special edition collector’s box” for a previous manufactured “figure” from the show. So I’m thinking, an Elvis action figure? Growing up with action figures, I respect them. I fully support the Fresh Prince argument that action figures are not dolls. If you’re not from there, as the Fresh Prince might have said, about action figures or anything else, you don’t know how it is.

But Google quickly found this description.

“Elvis is articulated with a neck swivel, shoulder swivels, swivels at the jacket cuffs and a waist swivel. This is NOT AN ACTION FIGURE, nor was it meant to be. No karate kicking action. No three fried bananna sandwich eating action. This is meant to be a piece for your shelf or proudly displayed at work to the oo’s and ahh’s of coworkers.”

The reviewer cared more than I, and he must have had different coworkers. While I was impressed as a child with the Elvis hip-swiveling clock, we clearly trafficked in different meanings of awesome.

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