The death of Goulet

Hank Stuever’s lede this week was great: “In the shower, any man is Robert Goulet.” But aside from Goulet’s appearances in the last decade of pop culture, I had little connection to the man. I liked Will Ferrell as Goulet on SNL. I liked Goulet as Goulet in the ESPN and Emerald Nuts commercials. I loved Goulet as Goulet on Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, in the New Year’s Eve episode. “You’re not trying to steal my date, are you, Mr. Goulet?” “Actually, yes, I am.”

So, filled a bit of a void for me this week. Many days, I’ve wondered why I’ve subscribed to the site’s newsletter. Other days, I’ve remembered.

“Legend has it that he caused Elvis Presley to fire a bullet through his own television set, when he was fed up of watching the singer on the box,” the site reports. “However, Goulet maintains that the two of them were good friends and Elvis even gave him a ring. Had Elvis been around to fire another bullet or two, he may have tried again decades later, when Robert Goulet appeared as Priscilla Presley’s love interest Quentin Hapsburg in the 1991 comedy The Naked Gun 2 1/2.”

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