First trip to Texas and a cockpit

Texas is flat. Don’t let anyone tell you different. You could roll a nickel a country mile before it fell over. Also, Texas is friendly. I can’t say I truly messed with Texas like they tell you not to do. But I can say everyone I met in Austin was friendly: the folks with whom we were doing business, our SUV drivers (despite their exploding windows), both the check-in and check-out clerks at the hotel, the hotel coffee shop kid, the hotel gift store lady, the hotel doormen (mustachioed), and everyone at the rural Salt Lick BBQ who fed us deliciousness.

I have no 10-gallon hat or enormous belt buckle to show for my trip. But there’s a Longhorn-colored Salt Lick BBQ shirt waiting in my bag, as a reminder of the deliciousness. I also have a few pictures.

And a couple videos. As you may be able to tell from the pictures, our plane was a small but fun one. The second video can confirm that for you. The pilots unfolded the jump seat between them for the Dulles landing, and I got as close to flying a plane as I’ve ever gotten.

Besides being awesome, it was amazingly like watching people drive a car that took two people to drive. The video captured at least that much. My Treo didn’t pick up the runway as it rose up to meet us, but I took pix of that rush on a different, much better camera. Stay tuned.

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