Blazing 18 bustles in a hedge row, don’t be alarmed now

Or: My radio moment of the week.

Flipping through stations this morning, I land on WPGC. My hand practically bounces off the dial. PGC’s playing Stairway!

Yes, locally based urban radio star Donnie Simpson took a few minutes to blast Stairway to Heaven on Washington’s top-rated hip-hop and R&B station today. When the song ended, he professed his Zeppelin fandom, essentially confessed to rocking out on all kinds of air instruments in the studio during the song, and assured listeners the station’s format hadn’t changed.

He even stuck it to Kornheiser for hating Zeppelin. To this listener, who keeps both rock and hip-hop on his presets and firmly believes in the redemptive power of rock and soul, it was great.

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