The cereal wars come to the big screen

In romantic comedy form, starring my old classmate. My brother somehow stumbles across the concept and knows immediately to send it to me. Neither of us can find a trailer.

“Aspiring rock musician Neal Downs (Stanford) manages a cereal bar. Stylish Miss Pussy Katz (Deschanel) is the creator of radically-themed art clothing. When the cereal bar, brings in an offbeat crew of locals, who debate the arcana of cereal history and ideal milk/flake ratios, an aspiring capitalist rips off their concept.”

MSN Movies says the movie’s due for a limited release on Wednesday, but I can’t find that info elsewhere. The MSN site, in all its editorial splendor, says the “scoop” is that the film’s a Clerks ripoff. Another review, from SXSW, criticizes the pre-Katrina New Orleans filming’s post-Katrina plot relevancy: “Here is a movie set in New Orleans and someone has a lifelong dream of living in a trailer? Considering all the people who have lost their homes and are living in FEMA trailers, and the people who are actually about to be evicted from even those trailers and live who-knows-where, this seems to be in dubious taste.”

Variety has more positive things to say. “Flakes is in many ways as comfy and casual as its main setting, an invitingly seedy joint where regulars can linger well into the early evening, and nostalgic folks can relive their youth by noshing on obscure and long-discontinued cereals that are the restaurant’s specialty. … But even as they allow auds to enjoy the mellow vibe, Lehmann and his scripters gently sound a semi-cautionary note about the danger of getting too comfortable while off the beaten track.”

You and me, we’re the “auds” here.

And the tough thing here is, depending on where we live, we may be able to see a movie about a cereal restaurant but not actually go to one. Even my Chicago friends, they’ve lost their two Cereality locations this year (writes Derek Gale, another classmate). Supposedly there’s a bigger growth plan underway, but my bowl isn’t filling itself.

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Update on 12/20
The Times reviewed the movie yesterday. Not positive.

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