The shirt I’ll be wearing while watching the game tonight

Last Feburary, when Art Monk was not elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the seventh and final time, I came across this T-shirt and bought it.

The shirt was worthy of an analyst. An outline of a lone Monk celebrated on the Dallas star. The insult was one Monk never would have made, even in triumph. And that lack of showiness was in many ways what kept Monk’s success obscured, just an outline and a shadow to the world, away from the ultimate triumph of the Hall of Fame. You could even buy the T-shirt in burgundy and gold or blue and white. The glass was half-full or half-empty.

So, yesterday’s election … electoral justice? Football grace? They could talk about wide receivers splitting votes all they wanted, but I placed the ballots on the power and depth of discovery. Short yardage, short yardage, third down, touchdown.

Post coverage this morning: One, two, three. Times coverage: One, two. Also worth visiting was Monk for the Hall. Last year, along with pointing out the T-shirt I would buy, Post blogger Dan Steinberg wrote about the site’s sadness at yet another rejection. This weekend, the site changed “Monk for the Hall” to “Monk in the Hall.”

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