The best thing about the farmers market returns

I missed things on Saturday, but I was happy to hear the news. Shoebox Oven has made its spring debut at the Courthouse Farmers Market, an event that in my mind is the real start of the season.

Recapping the winter: Alumni Roundup — a site for alums of historically black colleges and universities — gave a great review. A blog called Cupcakes Take the Cake offered Shoebox’s cupcakes a moment of food porn. Chowhound readers also ranked Shoebox’s cakes well.

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2 thoughts on “The best thing about the farmers market returns”

  1. I know someone who recently learned how to make sweet breads at a professional cooking school … maybe he should share some of his expertise with the masses!

  2. Expertise #1: Kneading dough is hard work. I admire those who can knead better and more happily than I.

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