94.7 The Globe is dead

It’s still on the air, but it’s dead. The station, without announcement, has moved from quasi-AAA to standard classic rock over course of the last week. DCRTV has noticed the shift, expressed disappointment but not found it as bad as expected. I’ve got different feelings. The search for a new #1 preset has begun. What could’ve been never happened.

But before the transition evidence slips away, it must be cited. As of Sunday night, the station’s top 10 songs of the last week still included: Supernatural Superserious, Girls in Their Summer Clothes, I’m Amazed, Viva La Vida, and I Will Possess Your Heart. None had played in days.

The other five songs on the list came from the new playlist, sadly best represented by New Sensation and Keep Your Hands to Yourself. Songs from The Doors, Blue Oyster Cult, and The Cars followed shortly.

The past weekend’s playlist may have offered the best indictment.

From 5 p.m. Friday to 9 a.m. Monday, a period of 60 hours (64 minus two for Little Steven and two for public service time), the station aired 20 songs released in this decade. Not one of the songs was released in the last two and a half years. Most were overplayed or awful stuff.

Friday after 5 p.m. ET:
Goo Goo Dolls – Give a Little Bit – 2004
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside – 2000

Coldplay – In My Place – 2002
Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out – 2004 (twice during the day)
Train – Calling All Angels – 2003
Dave Matthews Band – The Space Between – 2001
U2 – Vertigo – 2004
Train – Drops of Jupiter – 2001
Coldplay – Talk – 2005
Jack Johnson – Flake – 2001
Wilco – Heavy Metal Drummer – 2002
Foo Fighters – Best of You – 2005
Rodrigo & Gabriela – Diablo Rojo – Feburary 2006
Jack Johnson – Bubble Toes – 2001

Eddie Vedder – You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away – 2001
Goo Goo Dolls – Give a Little Bit – 2004 (twice during the day)
Train – Drops of Jupiter – 2001
Fuel – Hemorrhage – 2000
Coldplay – Trouble – 2000
Foo Fighters – Best of You – 2005
Jack Johnson – Upside Down – February 2006

Monday before 9 a.m. ET:
Dave Matthews Band – The Space Between – 2001
Coldplay – Trouble – 2000
Coldplay – Clocks – 2003

I have no idea how Heavy Metal Drummer made it onto Saturday’s playlist, nor how I’m Always in Love made it onto Sunday’s. Computer error? Drummer played between .38 Special and Bad Company.

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  1. Completely agree! For the first time in years, we had a legit station, now we have yet another classic rock station to feed to boomers. Did they bother to validate their ratings? Everyone I know was presetting their dials to 94.7. Do they realize there is an entire generation of listeners in this area, raised on WHFS, that are craving good music? How many times can you listed to Freebird and Every Breath you take? Like HFS, they couldn’t even man-up and admit it.

  2. Hey, Wayne, thanks very much for finding the site and commenting. Glad to hear other folks feel the same way about The Globe. I missed HFS in its prime, but from all I hear, its ability to mix great new and old stuff must have been amazing. That’s one thing the Globe never seemed to have — true, equal comfort with the present day — and I wonder if that played a role.

    DCRTV’s glances at the Arbitrons never showed a huge boost, but anecdotally, I felt the same thing you did. The station had my allegiance more than any station had in a while. Even if it wasn’t totally satisfying, even if it had its weak points, it had me listening and wanting more. Raised my expectations. What they’ve done now, it can’t possibly change ratings, not with Big 100 in town. It makes me wonder if they’re buying time before a bigger format switch.

  3. so sad about the Globe. i like what you said about how it raised your expectations. i agree also that they are probably making a big format change similiar to what 104 did early last year. curious about who are the people tracked for radio ratings. i know people who would rather listen the the Globe (well used to) then satalite.

  4. Very disappointed in format change. Back to dull. Although the Globe never really succeeded in producing the kind of energy in their playlist as HFS (and I do not think I am just waxing nostalgia here), it was still a good mix of quality stuff. I am a typical former punk soccer mom who still craves the new…nobody asked me if I tuned in! It was my fav preset…sad..

  5. First of all, AMEN that the goofy station that 94.7 changed into is GONE! Classic Rock stations are becoming few and far between. Who needed that horrid mix of music where half the songs were plucked from the “b” sides of obscure albums??? Can people just go to the alt. rock station to hear that garbage?? I guess now they have to, huh??? LOL!! Bring on the REO Speedwagon, Steve Miller and .38 Special too!! yahoo.

    Hey BTW–What’s with this “Greetings from Evanston” thing at the top of your website? I’m born and raised in Evanston (Ridge and Brummel Avenue area). What is this, never seen it before??
    -Nae ETHS grad 1986 (whaddaknow, she’s not a baby boomer?)

  6. Goofballs! We clearly haven’t heard enough .38 Special in all of our lives yet. So 94.7 would tell us, right? Welcome to the blog. The Evanston name comes from where this blog started, at the corner of Ridge and Noyes during my senior year at NU. Love the town! Miss it much.

  7. I went out of town in August and noticed the change when I returned…and sadly, as you outlined, the playlist gradually and painfully turned more and more to classic rock. I wish they would just tell listeners what’s going on! (I remember one day tuning into the old WHFS to find it had, without warning, become “El Sol.” ) I called Weasel the other morning to complain–I too, wonder what the ratings mean. No one asked me–i loved the old format!

  8. Jennifer, thanks for stopping by. Curious — what did Weasel say when you called in? With the El Zol change, it at least gets my love for being one of the more viral format changes ever. The MP3 seems to have disappeared from the Web, but at least the Post story preserved the switch in text form.

    It is interesting to see what a format change can do when it’s done right. El Zol, in retrospect, was a no-brainer of a ratings hit. Could the Globe have been the same … if they ever truly committed to the format? Guess we’ll never know.

  9. Patrick: thanks for your blog, I needed an outlet for my disgust for this radio dumbing down we just received . What have they done?? Where have all the thinking persons DJs gone? (Shelby’s noontime show was the highlight of my day.) They had such a great thing going, the best station in DC in a long time and they ruined it by going back to the same formulaic garbage that every other “Classic Rock, Rock, Rock” station in the nation plays. I have sent e-mails to the station telling them they need have some guts, play what people really want to hear. Maybe they can’t hear our pleas over the stadium rock noise.

  10. Mo, glad to help, guess this post has bumped up the Google rankings in recent weeks. It’s nice for me too to find other folks thinking the same thing. Question for you, in case you stop back: What show do they have during the lunch hour these days? I’m only able to listen in drivetimes.

  11. Patrick.
    When I called Weasel and asked, “what’s with this classic rock?’, he said “that’s what we’re doing now”. So I asked didn’t people like the Modern Rock format (as I did?) and he said, “I quess not enough to get the ratings”. I wonder what the DJ’s like Weasel think of all this, but I’m sure they can’t say, since its their job. When I noticed the changes, I had checked out the Globe website’s Listener advisory panel they had talked about, but the categories there were so formulaic that none of them really seemed to suggest what I liked–they seemed very corporate–so I didn’t bother. (And by then it seemed a moot point) BTW, I too liked the Eclectic Lunch and called in a few times to suggest songs…unfortunately I didn’t often get to listen at lunchtime, though.

  12. Jennifer are you kidding?? The old WRCW dj’s were bummed as all get out when they had to start dj’ing music they never even had heard of before! Big 100.3 won’t die out, but just get better. Hey did Circuit City die out when Best Buy moved next door (just name any city near you and you will find this)? Heck no, competition breeds quality. And Patrick–kudos on NU. I went to NIU, so I guess I’m college trash not even in your league, so now I guess this explains why I like .38 special. Remember the Loop? No one was bitching when they played the same crap over and over. Perhaps were just more tolerant in those simple times. Peace and hair-grease….

  13. Ugh I am sick about this. Was my favorite and #1 preset as well. I emailed them this morning to let them no I removed them from car radio. I got back from two weeks in Cape Hatteras (with a great station – 99.1 The Sound) and then find that The Globe has changed their format.

  14. Catching up after the last night of the conventions trip and flying back today…

    Jennifer, thanks for filling us in on Weasel. Makes sense for him to roll with it/make the best of it, like you say. If you like living in the area and work in a niche profession like “radio DJ,” it seems like most people would do the same.

    Mrs. Stewart, you’ll find no NIU hater here. They have a great journalism program and college paper site, and the brother of a friend is hopefully headed there soon.

    Jean — love The Sound! Made my driving week in Nags Head this year.

  15. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one disappointed by the switch to classic rock. Good God, didn’t we already have one or two of those stations? Yet another reason to invest in some satellite radio…

  16. Thanks, Steve, I appreciate it. Should be interesting to see what happens to BIG. There’s all kinds of rumblings at DCRTV that Clear Channel wants to sell the station. (For anyone reading, if you like this post, you’ll love DCRTV, which blogs about, well, D.C. radio and TV all the time.)

  17. My husband and I finally took our heads out of the sand this evening to face up to the fact that our favorite radio station has, in fact, changed format (confirmed here, thank you)… I am so incredibly bummed. I, too, fondly remember ‘HFS and happily listen to ‘XPN whenever we visit my in-laws outside of Philly, and this was the closest I’d come to either. Wonder what’s happened to the dj who did the Eclectic Lunch (blanking on her name)? I loved her. Ugggh… am just in disbelief at this point :-(

  18. I did notice that every time I listened this wknd the music plain sucked!
    Least now I know there’s a reason – new format – not that anyone asked for the same old crap back again. Time to bid radio DC area adieu. Too bad and so sad!

  19. I’d like to point out to Mrs. Stewart that alternative stations are few and far between in the DC area. DC 101 is a little too MTV friendly, WRNR is too weak in its signal, and the Baltimore stations are just a bad as DC 101.

    As to Big 100.7, I don’t like their idea of classic rock. A classic rock station that won’t play Zep? Please.

    The Globe format waas awesome; modern rock and classic mixed. They’d even refer to pulling from the HFS archives. *sigh* Is there really no love for less mainstream rock in the region?

  20. *sigh* I may be a boomer, but I definitely PREFERRED this last year’s playlist than ever so boring, formulaic “classic rock.”

    May I suggest streaming WXRT from Chicago?

  21. Great to see so many people finding this page! Diana, Kari, LizDexic, thanks for commenting. For anyone interested in the WXRT mentions in this thread, here’s the station’s site. Its stream helped get me through a bunch of overnight shifts at work a few years ago, and I still tune in when I can. If you liked what the Globe was playing (and want just a little more Wilco, and who doesn’t), XRT is totally for you.

  22. Jean, I was in the Outer Banks listening to the Sound also, it was great I’m so glad the Globe has changed, I just had to turn the station off because of the music they were playing, but now they rock! I listen to the station at work and when they had changed the format to the goofy music they made me turn it off, now they are enjoying the classic rock format. And my bosses are in their 20’s and they love that the station has changed the format, so glad I am happy and my bosses are happy also, and so are our 80 employees working for us!!!!!!!! Everyone I know said they would not listen to that station, but now all my friends and neighbors are tuned into the Globe. Who ever made the change should be given a HUGH raise, they have made the tri state area very happy.

  23. I got home from vacation to find my “new favorite station” had returned to a snoring bore of a station. I’m quite bummed! I really enjoyed the mix of music 94.7 was playing. DC radio is so pathetic again.

    I’ll try teh station suggested by Patrick, above.

  24. I feared this day would come as I have been noticing them slowly slipping
    in more and more classic rock. I’m no hater of the classics, actually I love’m, but they’ve been overplayed since the nineties. Some of the tracks from The Globe’s original playlists were songs I’ve not heard since I listened to HFS in the eighties. Are there any radio stations in Northern Virginia that I can tune in to hear the HFS classics?

  25. Hello, Patrick. So glad to find a place to whine about the dreck that is the new Globe. I am heartbroken, but not surprised. I’ve lived in the DC ‘burbs since middle-school (early 80s) and bad music radio/good public affairs is standard around here. I adored Schelby and the Eclectic Lunch–what a tremendous talent they lost. I guess we all got our hopes up too high.

    Alternative stations? What alternative stations? As for classic rock, I don’t object to a mix of old and new music: this makes for a balanced diet. I dislike safe, programmed pap. I think the old Arrow was a better classic rock station than the current Globe, with Weasel doing the Box Set (a fun show for music geeks) and deeper album cuts breaking through. OK, shutting up now.

  26. Kalley, Yanti, Sherry, Laura, thanks so much for visiting. It’s amazing to see so many people coming across my little link on Google.

    Cool to see so many people who feel the same way about the Globe, but definitely nice to see people who like the new Globe as well. We’re all stuck in the same metro D.C. traffic, and whether we have the same preferences or not, we’re all flipping across the dial for the same reasons.

    Flipping through the blogosphere for other format-shift coverage this week, I found a couple links you all might enjoy. From Considered Thoughts and Ramblings, we hear about The Globe, “Time to weigh in … I want to hear new music, but I still love the old stuff.” From Russ vs. Them, the post title is “Global boring.” Within the post, there’s the line, “I enjoyed the chance to hear the Who alongside Coldplay or Death Cab for Cutie.”

  27. I would just like to say that I love the classic rock that the globe is playing. I am not a baby boomer but a 19 year old college student…who listen more to this station now then I do DC101 ( my old station). So the globe is not just for old people. and it is hard to find a classic rock station in college park but there is a bunch of 80s 90s and today work stations!

  28. Kalley, I think you misunderstood my message. THE SOUND in Hatteras is a great station leaning more toward “alternative”. The Globe would at least mix some alt and newer music in with the older stuff but now its just classic. I am 44 and like newer rock; have heard the old stuff for years now. This format change bothers me as much as WHFS hitting the road. I regretfully had to remove the Globe from my car preset button.
    Boooooo on The Globe.

  29. Glad to see this thread still alive! For anyone visiting from Google, and I know there’s still a bunch of you, please take a minute to share your take on the new Globe vs. the old. Always interesting to hear more perspectives.

  30. The Globe’s quick and untimely death is a indeed a tragedy. I don’t know how yet another classic rock station could possibly get more listeners than a station that reached out to listeners of all genres. Four words…Clear Channel’s the Devil!!!

    94.7 was my number one preset…it has now been completely deleted. Take that stupid conservative radio owners!

    I will however remember 94.7 the Globe fondly…it played my perfect playlist on Valentines and completely made my day. At least I will have the memories… ;)

  31. The “new” Globe is now just the “old” Globe with a few stupid “green” commercials thrown in. I’m sick to death of it. This pretty much cements my decision to get satellite radio. The Eclectic lunch was, without a doubt, the best hour on the radio. And they canned Schelby, a true music officiando, to get a pin-up girl. Stupid radio station.

  32. So disappointed in the new format at the Globe. I will definitely be removing this radio station from my presets. I LOVED the Eclectic Lunch and will miss it sorely. What are these people thinking???

  33. RebeccainDC, CeeCee, Emily, thanks all for stopping by and sharing. Another perspective from the blogosphere: “My favorite radio station just converted to a classic rock format. No more Psychedelic Furs, Oingo Boingo, 7N, Dandy Warhols, or Cure. No; instead, in a stunningly gutsy career move, 94.7 The Globe has decided to join the 4 other radio stations that already play classic rock. So now my last oasis is gone….”

  34. Hi, Schelby here, formerly of 94.7 The Globe and the Eclectic Lunch. It’s nice to know that people noticed what I was trying to do with my show and the station. If only we’d had the time and upper-level support we needed to develop. I feel like we’ve let down the people of the DC metro area and I’m sorry. If you can stream, I’d recommend WXRT in Chicago. They still have the flexibility to keep things interesting.

  35. Wow! Schelby! So great to see you visit–I’ve checked back periodically to see the new comments. I loved your eclectic lunch–sort of like an extended version of “My Three Songs” from old HFS days–it was fun to hear what creative things listeners came up with–miss it much. I checked out WXRT when it was mentioned earlier by LizDexic, and loved the playlist–unfortunately I don’t get to stream much, as I mainly listen in the car. But it makes me wonder, why can Chicago support a station like XRT, and not this area? Are we just too conservative? From my personal conversations, it seems there are a lot of people out there that share the same sentiments expressed here–it’s frustrating. Anyway, best of luck to you–it’s great that you tried.

  36. For those who can’t stream, is there any alternative in this area at all? I’m totally deflated and if I hear Free Bird one more time, I can’t be held responsible for my actions.

  37. Sorry, but I can’t mourn the Globe’s format switch the way some of you are. In fact, I only just noticed it, because I had stopped listening to the station quite some time ago and have been a full-time XM listener in the interim. I have the utmost respect for Cerphe and Weasel, but the programming coming out of that station baffled me. I got the feeling there were too many staffers with too much input, and the station ended up trying to be all things to all listeners, which never works. My growing problem with the station’s song choices really crystallized with the Globe’s repeated airplay of Feist’s nauseating “1,2,3,4.” I felt like the station had surrendered its own judgment to some unseen marketing staff at Apple who had somehow found that song “hip” and shoved it on the rest of the world. And to promote the station as “World Class Rock” while playing that kind of music is bound to confuse and disappoint. “Rock,” I suppose takes many forms, but that isn’t one of them. In fact, it’s much closer to a song a preschooler would sing while skipping down the sidewalk dragging a stick along a picket fence. If you’re going to be a rock station, be a rock station.

  38. This was an email I sent to The Globe’s programming director, I of course got no response. Maybe if more people wrote him, who knows. (jerry@947theglobe.com). It’s great to hear from Shelby, what has happened to Weasel, it looks like he is gone too?

    This is a sad email for me to send. When I first discovered your station early this year, I was ecstatic. I told my husband that I could throw out my ipod, you guys were playing everything on it and everything I wished was on it. My radio station never changed in the car and for the first time I started listening to music online. I loved the mix of new and old and couldn’t wait to hear what would come on next. My sister in Connecticut even started listening to you guys online because she loved your station also. I wish this bliss is being exaggerated but it’s not. Needless to say, you could probably guess where this email is going. Your change to “classic rock” or dried-up-over-played-classic-rock is very disappointing. The radio in my car is unfortunately off again and I have found other stations to listen to online at work. I wish, wish, wish you would go back to the original format and I don’t think I’m alone. Please consider changing back.

  39. I am in my mid-20s but I love all the alt rock from the late 80s/early 90s. I was very sad when I found out The Globe changed its format to classic rock.
    Similar to what another poster said, I was in denial at first. I listened to The Globe in the mornings before work and then again in the evenings. When they started playing classic rock, I kept it on my bedroom radio dial just in case they were going through a “phase” or something. Finally, my husband was like “can we please stop listening to this crap” and I had to face that The Globe really was gone.
    I loved that they played Rilo Kiley… and the morning show guy introduced me to a band called The Church that I’d never heard of before. I couldn’t tell you the last time I fell in love with a (non-top 40) song after hearing it on the radio.
    And a side note… I could have done without Dave Matthews Band in the 90s, and even more so now. Ugh!

  40. Jennifer, Trudi, Dee, Lexi, thanks for commenting. On the choices mentioned, I’ll take Rilo Kiley — and the new Jenny Lewis stuff would’ve fit in perfectly on The Globe, although, honestly, I think Howard is right on that point, it probably rarely would have played that stuff, Wilco-style — but also Dave if they could go beyond Ants Marching more often. With Feist, 1 2 3 4 didn’t make me driving my car any faster, but I’ll take it every once in a while over — heresy — days of nothing but Zeppelin. I’m a Springsteen guy, and even that much Springsteen would be a bad idea in my book. If you love Zeppelin or whoever that much, days of listening are nothing new to you.

    Anyway. This post seems to be getting a new influx of viewers with Weasel losing the morning show. There hasn’t been any news or blogosphere pick-up — except on the great DCRTV. If you care enough about area radio to Google for answers, DCRTV is a must-bookmark for you. Says DCRTV Dave (no permalink available): “As we also predicted, WTGB evening man and local radio veteran Albie Dee will be moving to mornings. DC area rock radio legend Weasel will still be available for WTGB special projects, feature shows, and maybe weekend duty.” The program director is also reportedly out.

  41. No Schelby? No Eclectic Lunch? No Weasel? No thanks.

    I don’t mind the classic rock format so much, but the totally uninspired programming and insipid comments lack creativity and generate little interest. Since Schelby’s departure, my office radio has been switched to off most of the day, then switched back on in the afternoon to listen to what Cerphe has in his bag of tricks.

    Two weeks ago it seemed that the latest Queen + Paul Rodgers release was in heavy rotation, last week there seemed to be a lot of old Guns ‘n Roses. Who’s actually doing the programming at the station? Where’s the creative input? Come on guys, anyone can just spin records and try to convince us of how cool they are by putting pictures of themselves on a radio station web site.

    I wonder where these station “enhancements” leave Cerphe, who actually knows of what he speaks?

  42. I just emailed Jerry as Dee suggested on 11/21, just to register my feelings on the topic of the format change: UPSET. Why change to classic rock when there are other classic rock stations accessible in DC? Seems like they’ll lose some good market share…

  43. Cyd, Kat, thanks for commenting. Amazing to see this thread keep rolling out. I’m getting hits off Google every day with people searching questions about the format and staffing changes.

  44. WHAT?! I grew up with HFS like many here, and Weasel is by far my favorite DJ ever! I loved the station and got most of my local friends listening, when we moved I listened online. Loved their mix of music, you never were quite sure what you would get. Now they are just another lame station. BOO!

  45. Couldn’t agree more with all the comments here about the disappointing changes to 94.7. Apparently we have to pay for anything good. I have so many great memories of HFS both on the radio and their concerts. 94.7 filled part of that void, especially with their DJ’s…knowledgable, competent and upbeat. Now it is just like every other radio station that I flip through constantly thinking I’ll find something that I like. I will be listening to my mp3’s in the car from now on. The only reason for public radio in the DC area now is for traffic updates and we all know how informative they are! When will the radio executives learn!!!

  46. It should be interesting to see how the new year changes the game. All kinds of rumors of format flips across the dial on DCRTV the last few months, but no one’s moved yet. What if one or both of 94.7 and BIG went away from classic rock? Would that encourage someone else to jump in and do it better?

    Or are the new portable people meters going to make everyone stick with safer choices for now? And if they do, has the idea of what’s safe and what’s not changed? Carol, Brenda, Julie, thanks all for commenting. Others, I know you’re still finding this post from time to time. Please feel free to leave your thoughts too.

  47. Radio is dying and I am convinced that it is killing itself. Or maybe it is being murdered by programming managers who respect their listeners so little as to pretend that change doesn’t matter. I too was an HFS-er who embraced the new Globe. I loved Weasel because he was one of the few jocks who knew what the heck we was talking about. I LEARNED things from Weasel. That guy was a music encyclopedia. I’m also not afraid of new music. i actually like wondering, “what is that song? Who is that? I must find out and download!!” I Don’t feel that way with effing Bad Company or Bad Finger or any of the other simply BAD 70s groups now touring state fairs and VFW halls.

  48. Xdm, thanks for commenting. I’m not a huge fan of the encyclopedia approach on the radio, but I couldn’t agree more on the new music. The Globe could’ve done so much more with that.

  49. It’s not very often that culture, history and music mix, Weasel was the National Geographic explorer of radio. How many times I found myself intrigued by his historical accounts of music culture and life experiences to tell the story. His presence in Washington was that of a cornerstone of a great music library, from where history was stored and we all became familiar with. Experience and knowledge shared, really made for an the “eclectic” account associated to the his synopsis of musics seedlings to windblown memories. Weasel was Washington’s music Professor, I don’t think that any other will share with us that again.

  50. I won’t lie, I love classic rock. But, that’s what 100.3 is for. I was thrilled with the Globe, I absolutely ADORED Schelby, and I was completely astonished when they replaced her. I thought surely it was because she found something bigger and better to move on to, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Really, astonishing! Every person that called into her show had nothing but love for her. I don’t get it. Really stupid move on the Globe’s part.

  51. “That’s what 100.3 is for” — perfectly put. Tom, Leah, thanks to you both for reading and joining in. Was in the San Francisco area the past few days and the goodness of KFOG left me jealous. (Thanks to 11g for keeping them on the van dials.)

  52. I grew up listening to WHFS and was terribly bummed when it went the way of the Dodo. I really loved the creativity and mix of new, funky stuff you could find there that you couldn’t get anywhere else, n’ was ecstatic when I disovered The Globe moons ago. I’d left the area for some time, & when I came back and discovered this remarkable radio station while visiting my @ parents’ house, I kept hearing myself say “I -love- this song!! I haven’t hear this in ages!!” The second I got the chance I asked my mom what station it was, and she replied “oh, that’s the Globe. I listen to it all the time.”

    After that, I listened whenever I could. I loved hearing Weasel & Cerphe again, as well as getting to know Schelby’s laid-back, cool style. :) The Eclectic Lunch was fun & creative, got you inspired about listening (and contributing) to the show, was amazingly original, and you never heard the same thing twice. (Let alone in the same day, like the kind of thing they program now.) I know no station’s perfect, but I very much wish The Globe would go back to it’s more artful, original ways.

    Their programming gave me something to get happy about through a monumentally crappy job.. something to think about other THAN my crappy job, & I even got mentioned on-air a few times w/my suggestions for the Lunch. It rocked. ^_^ Heck, it even inspired me to create my own podcast based on a wide mix of all sorts of genres of music- occasionally grouped together w/a theme. *nods to Ms. Sweeney, and many, many thanks*

    Anyway, major gratitude & props to “the old ways,” to Ms. Sweeney, Cerphe & Weasel (the latter 2 of whom I’m kind of surprised still work there), and my condolences for the loss of a great station. I may not work at my junky job anymore, but their music inspired and touched more of us than I think any skewed ratings could ever show.

  53. So glad the globe is dead, it was a dumb premise from the start. How could you get into a station that had zero focus. HFS was great, the globe was horrible. Too widespread, no concentration at all.

  54. Well, we all lost now and it’s very sad. Today I went to the website, and it is hideous. On April 6, it’s changing to “94.7fresh – today’s fresh music.” WHAT!!!!?????? It’s MIX107.3! I’ve listened to 947 since the early 80s, WLTT was one version. I’m 44 now. I liked it best while Schelby, Cerphe and Weasel were the morning/afternoon, afternoon early evening, and then Weasel at nights with his great box sets. Such great listening. Also loved the eclectic lunch and miss that terribly. Hi Schelby, Catherine from Gaithersburg here, I miss you! I love music trivia, and learned so much from Schelby & Weasel. He really is an encylopedia of rock-n-roll knowledge and I miss him too. With the change to classic rock from the globe, they had a funny idea about what classic rock was. I heard Guns-n-Roses “Knockin on Heaven’s Door” at least twice during each workday. But they never once played any Beatles after the last Top 500 countdown; did anyone else notice that? I already e-mailed the parent station of 94.7fresh and told them they had just lost one long-term loyal listener if they change to that format. Why didn’t the powers that be do some sort of survey with people who signed up for the loyal listener club, get their opinions and then work with that as a base? I wish 947 was like it was in the mid ’00s, but with the best of the globe/HFS parts. Bring back that 947.

  55. Yes, very said indeed. I am a Sirius subscriber, but still like to switch to FM every now and then. Been listening to 94.7 since I moved down to this area back in 1995. I thought “The Globe” was working out well, but I guess not. Since I don’t listen all that often, I recently caught on that they ditched The Globe format and went back to solely classic rock. I liked both formats, and yes, classic rock can be played out at times, but I still think it’s way better than the crappy bullsh*t that they will be transitioning to. Hey, let’s switch from solid music to commercial two-minute ditties from subpar artists who will never come close to achieving what artists like Clapton, the Stones, and Zeppelin have. Just think it’s a bad choice. That only leaves one classic rock station in DC, so I’m sure they’ll see their numbers increase.

  56. As much as the Globe struggled to be different, as much as the fall to earth was disappointing, it’s a shame the radio gods have chosen to take 94.7 and not 100.3. If you’re new to this comment thread, here are the artists you can expect the new 94.7 to play. There are some talented, mainstream-but-solid-pop folks at the beginning of the list, but it goes downhill fast. But we saw some final bursts of life from the doomed station’s playlist tonight, and they’ve ensured I’ll be tuning in throughout the rest of the week in hopes of more before the end.

  57. Yeah, tonight’s 94-minute set at 5:00 was AMAZING. When was the last time you heard Kate Bush on a DC radio station? Cerphe, if you see this, you Rocked Out tonight. I hope we still hear you on the airwaves.

  58. Nice! I only caught a little bit of it tonight. Guess we have two more nights to go! So sad, but happy they can go out this way and not in an instant like HFS (with all due respect to El Zol, which as jarring as the change was, seems to have been a genius radio move in retrospect).

  59. Unless you go to HD radio or some statellite services there are no good radio stations in DC. Damn. I just started listening to the station again earlier this week. I had noticed that they were playing a more interesting range of music. For Crisssakes!! They were playing Velvet underground! Man. I guess they wanted to go out big. Oh well.

  60. LAME! These radio stations must round up the blandest people they can find and put them in a focus group and ask them what they want to listen to and then make their decisions based on that input. That’s why crap will always win out in the end. I love classic rock, but I was blown away by that brief period when they mixed in the new stuff and the HFS-playlist stuff. Such great music. When they went back to all-Classic, I was disappointed, but still a loyal listener. Can’t stand 100.3 and 94.7 still played great tunes. Now it’s gone, replaced by a clone of 97.1 and 107.3. Can’t see what they hope to achieve with that format. I went online to find out what the f— happened when I heard “Fresh” this morning instead of rock. Thanks, Patrick, for providing some insight and a sounding board.

  61. I was an avid fan of the Globe from when I first picked it up in the summer of ’07, and I even got into the eclectic lunch online chat for a time (Schelby was good about getting participation from listeners), but that soon ended and then I stopped listening altogether when the super sweet and cool Schelby left. So sad to hear others are gone too and that it’s altogether gone (is that true???)…damn. RIP the Globe.

  62. I will miss the Globe!!Yet another bubble gum pop station to add to the list of the “all too many” I loved the diversity of the music on the Globe,some of the songs played weren’t even heard on other “rock stations” The Globe played “outside the box” and I for one will really miss that,but doesn’t this happen all the time,you find a radio station that you really like and without warning you jump into your vehicle one day and Britney Britney or Lil Toot Toot Computer generated songs are coming out of your speakers,thank god for cds

  63. Just like everyone else here, I’m in mourning about The Globe. I was particularly upset that they changed everything back in August of 08. (Right after I had won Virgin Festival tickets from them which I thought was so strange) The Globe was the only station where my mom and I could hear the music that we seriously loved. Shelby did a great mixture of classic stuff from the 60s and 70s and alternative brilliance from the 80s to now. I would call the eclectic lunch hour all of the time with my ideas. I think what upsets me a lot about this most recent change is that I won’t be able to listen to Stevie’s Underground Garage anymore in the car on my way back to school. On Sunday nights, I drive from Frostburg to College Park. Little Stevie’s show was the best way to end my weekends.

    For those looking for a replacement, I have three suggestions.

    1. WRNR – Though their reception sucks, if you’re ever traveling up i-95 they are pretty great.

    2. WTMD- This station is out of Towson. I love their slogan “Radio for Music People” because well it’s true. They’re the only other station I would listen to aside from The Globe. They play all sorts of fantastic alternative and indie rock goodies. I know that you can get them in various places in the DC metro area.

    3. WMUC – Yes I’m a dj there and I’m not trying to do self promotion, but please hear me out. Though we’re only 10 watts of wonder, we’re still alive and kicking after all these years. We still play a crazy mixture of music, but isn’t that what college radio is all about? And if you have an Iphone, you can still listen to us on the radio through your Iphone even if you’re not near College Park. You can listen to us online (we have two different online streams now. WMUC is the fm stream and WMUC2 is online only). For anyone particularly aching for 80s and 90s indie and alternative rock, please check out my radio show The Alternative Breakfast Party from Hell. I’m on the air Mondays 10 am to 12 pm.

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