They pull a knife, you pull a hottie

Who has hotter fans, Cubs or Sox? The Sun-Times, for weeks now, has asked for photos and votes. Amazingly enough, the votes in the hottie galleries have yet to find a winning team. But what have they found?

When the feature hits 8 million pageviews: Make the hotties tell stories. “We’ve posted hundreds of photos of the hottest baseball fans around, but we know you’re more than just a pretty face. So while the contest is to decide whether the Cubs or White Sox have the hottest fans, we’re adding a twist. We want to know the story behind the picture. Tell us who you are in 100 words or less….”

When the feature hits 9 million pageviews: Turn babies into hotties. “Now we’re taking a look at the next generation of fans and asking which team has the cuter kids. Dozens of you already have sent in nominations, and the entries promises to be fierce….”

This, my friends, is how we fight a pageview war.

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