Why I fly: To learn about toasters

This blog likes airplane mags more than it does airplanes, so getting one of the magazines without taking to the sky is a steal. Thank you, St. Paul swag bag. The fact that you bring me toast is cake. In the August issue of Northwest’s World Traveler, we get the innovation.

Toasting isn’t exactly rocket science, but that hasn’t stopped toaster-maker Breville from trying to remove any residual anxiety we might have over gently scorching a piece of bread. Amazingly, the feature list on the company’s Die-Cast Smart Toaster is comparable to some home stereo equipment I own. The toaster comes with soft-eject motorized toast slots, as well as a toasting “spectrum analyzer.” If there’s any way to screw up toast, Breville has apparently thought of how to prevent it. There’s a “Lift and Look” feature that will raise your bread and bagels halfway through a given cycle so you can eyeball the toasting progress. Not quite brown enough? No problem. Breville added the “A Bit More” button for just a touch more browning.”

See the Die-Cast Smart Toaster in all its glory on Breville’s site, along with a sexy shot of raisin toast. This blog continues to apologize for its disproportionate interest in toasters. But they’re awesome.

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