If only I could make my own cereal

Via Thrillist, Lindsay turns up Northwestern grads who let you make your own cereal. The service is called Me and Goji. There are Maine blueberries, bananas, all kinds of fruits, all kinds of nuts, and all kinds of things I do not understand, which is exactly the problem. I don’t know what half these things are, and there’s nowhere that explains.

I would order the deliciousness if I could. I’ve hit one of the sporadic points in my life when I’ve overdosed on Cheerios and want something different. Apple Cinnamon Cheerios have helped for a week. Honestly, I’m ready to make out with any cereal in a supermarket but am afraid of disappointment. I can see the pitfalls: too much sugar, too boring, too dumb, too soulless, too passive, too odd. Breakfast is so waiting.

3 thoughts on “If only I could make my own cereal”

  1. I am awaiting to receive my order from Me and Goji. In the meantime, I have found two other company that more or less have a similar concept. mywaycereal.com specializes in custom organic cereal whereas mixmygrannola.com specializes in custom granola. I will try all of them and decide who is my favorite.

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