I want to tell you that, when A.V. Club runs a list called “The home run that cured cancer: 16 Amazing Movie Sports Feats,” I’ve seen 13 of the movies. I haven’t seen The Scout, The Cutting Edge or The Babe Ruth Story. But the one with the field goal-kicking mule, I’ve seen.

I want to tell you I upgraded WordPress by hand over the weekend. Last time I upgraded, I tried to make a plugin do the work. It screwed up my cookies, and they haven’t┬árecovered. This time I read the steps. I overwrote just as much as was necessary and nothing more.

I want to tell you I’ve lost my love of postseason TV baseball and have no idea why. I’m still reading all the stories in the newspaper. But after years of losing sleep to all kinds of teams I either loved or never cared for, I’m not watching the games this year for no good reason.

I want to tell you about two great stories I read this summer. They both could have been corny but weren’t. In the Post, there was “The Anti-Wedding.” In the Times, it was “Some Commutes Are Just Too Short.” I wanted to make each a post and couldn’t find the words.

I want to tell you a dirty New Yorker line about a song I haven’t heard yet. “It’s the wry sales pitch of a waif beckoning to a lonely British sex tourist, but it’s also a perfect exercise for beginners — even if French labial gymnastics feel vaguely obscene when you’re not used to them.”

I want to tell you the most frustrating song on the Internet right now is Southside Johnny’s All the Way Home. There’s Bruce rock version on YouTube and Southside’s recent live take on some foreign concert site, but the studio original is the one I want and it’s not there. Wrote here once how the Bruce version was a hedge, but I didn’t give Southside’s a real description. Hedged myself. The song is broken and hopeful.

I want to tell you how I almost got stuck in an elevator this morning. The door opening put the rainy day start in a much better light.

4 thoughts on “Scattered”

  1. About time you were just as random as me

    I want to tell you I’ve only seen three of those 16 movies, and while I should be ashamed at myself, I can’t get past the pure relief of not seeing any part of Rudy on the list. Hate that movie…

    I want to tell you that postseason baseball is stupid and a waste of time if the Yankees aren’t playing. I also want to tell you that I hate that my computer red-lines “postseason” because it thinks it should be hyphenated. The only thing I hate more is not having my stylebook here in Asia for me to check.

    I want to tell you that getting stuck in a USAT elevator isn’t the worst thing in the world (I’m just going out on a limb here and assuming it’s a USAT elevator) because, if memory serves me right, there are televisions in those things.

    Lastly, I want to tell you that I’m fairly certain this blog comment is longer than some of my own entries. Consider it my release from the buildup of not commenting here in several weeks.

    Glad that’s out of my system!

  2. You hate Rudy? Why? I think we discussed this once and your reasons made no sense. Rudy is a heartwarming story for men and women of all ages, whether they love Notre Dame or not. And turn your damn spellcheck off. Life is not work! (Ha.)

    The elevator was my apartment elevator, the one of the four which amusingly enough is just on the other side of my bathroom wall. If I’d been trapped there, I would’ve gone through the wall at some point. Maybe when the girl who frowns but often takes the elevator at the same time decided to freak out.

    Important clarification: The work elevators have no TVs. They have info screens from Captivate, a subsidiary of — drumroll — The Gannett Company.

  3. Highly, highly, highly recommended if you’ve never heard it: Southside Johnny’s live “Reach Up and Touch the Sky” album, released in 1981 but still available. I can’t say enough good things about it.

  4. You point out a huge gap on my CD shelves. I listen to the ’92 hits comp all the time and love his live stuff but own none. Fixing this morning, thanks!

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