Stats on Cooper Patrick? Or twins

I wrote this post Sunday and intended it to run today. But a surprise last night made it much more fun. Let’s start with the original, then update.

“We could run a regression to figure this out. For instance, we could see when the Mini-Cooper was introduced and see if ‘Cooper’ babies show up in the data dispropriately that month. Or we could look at the trajectory of Anderson Cooper’s ratings. Can we get the data by month — that would help with isolating cause and effect…”

In the spring, we looked at the rise of Cooper — and the fall of Patrick — as a first name. Amit offered the above advice and suggested I write baby Cooper Patrick to ask his parents about their name choice.

I did so, including my guesses on influences, if not for them then for others in the rising tide: Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Anderson Cooper and the Mini-Cooper. Not surprisingly, I got no reply. Spam filter? Random Internet pop culture baby name speculators, we get no respect.

If I had to bet, I’d have put my money on Mini-Cooper. It moved the name beyond particular people, placed it gently aside an increasingly popular brand but kept a human quality. The attitude and human aspects seemed key. There was no trend of baby Touaregs.

Yahoo Answers offered little help. “Do you like the name Cooper for a boy or does it sound too much like a last name?” came closest. The top user answer: “It’s a good name — though trendy on two fronts — The surname as first name and the job-related trends (think Archer). So if you are looking to stay away from trendy, you’d have to keep looking.”

With no evidence on the names, I have to admit I gave up. The topic was always one that could be revisited, especially if the rise continued. But I ended up finding some reward. Clicking through Social Security’s name data, I came across the most popular names for sets of twins. The bookmark surfaced again last week, prompting this post.

Landon and Logan, Madison and Morgan, Jayden and Jaylen. Yes, my name’s bizarro was winning, but at least I wasn’t a twin name.

Now: The update!

With this post hours away from publishing, the father of Cooper Patrick randomly found this blog. Five months after I e-mailed the baby’s site and likely got lost in a spam filter, we could thank Google and a butterfly flapping its wings somewhere. Then, even better, Cooper Patrick’s mother wrote to give the long-awaited story on their name.

They turned out to be cool, and the mom was even a Herald reporter.  “People always joke that we have a domain name for our son, but here’s why – my husband works in IT,” Jennie Piedra commented. “And as for the name Cooper, we just loved it. Patrick is a family name.”

So: Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper did not influence the naming of her baby. Jennie wrote in an e-mail, however, that people ask she and her husband all the time if Cooper is named after the Mini-Cooper.

(In other news, Cooper Patrick loves crackers and spaghetti.)

2 thoughts on “Stats on Cooper Patrick? Or twins”

  1. hi there……..
    Would it surprise you also to know that there are more Patrick Cooper’s walking on this planet?
    We almost share the same domainname, but I knew before that the .com was allready taken.So from where I live (Amsterdam,The Netherlands) we can put our countries innitials .nl instead of .com
    I can only remember that the site a few years ago belonged to a photographer named james patrick cooper…..or am I wrong?

    I’ll return soon to continue our thoughts, sorry got to go feed the….. ;-))
    PC =====> but loves Mac

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