The Fat Albert movie is far more meta than we have realized



From the trip to Montreal four years ago, when I was younger, colder and more ignorant of all Le Gros Albert had to offer.





 A huge part of the plot I never learned from the commercials: Living in the real world, after a girl’s tear draws them through a TV Land-airing set, they know they’re cartoon characters beloved by the real world.

We get the first great line as Fat Albert falls through the television and sees his real body, “Hey hey hey, how did I get this way?” Later, they see an ad for their cartoon DVD. “See, that’s who we are,”  Bill says.  “We don’t belong here.” And in the end, they confront the issue of being fading cartoons in the real world, crumbling to celluloid dust.

“Aah! Don’t you guys make noise when you enter a room?”
“Well, I never thoughts of that. We-we just enter.” 

“What’s that?” “It’s my hat.”
“Why don’t you take it off?” “Then I’d have no face.” 

(Similarly, as Fat Albert shops in a big and tall store at the mall, “I can’t take my sweater off because I don’t know what’s underneath it.”)

“There’s something about you. Something very familiar.”
“Hey, hey, hey, you watch me everyday?”

There’s an ending meta cameo and plot twist, which I won’t tell under spoiler rules, which even apply to Fat Albert, which is, yes, good.

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