We welcome Friday night

cooper-bono-225That’s someone’s stuff they’re blowing up / We’re into growing up / Women of the future / Hold the big revelations

I got a submarine / You got gasoline¬†/ I don’t want to talk about wars between nations / Not right now

We welcome waking up Friday morning with a headache but in a great mood, racing through pages of edits on a doc that inspires you into a¬†lunch that makes you happy for friends’ randomness, getting buy-in on code you didn’t used to know, turning up the music in post-week exhaustion, and reclaiming a photo from an IDEO session skit before it’s used against you.

(I was a bad Bono. Right after I was a soup kitchen volunteer with Plaxico Burress. And right before I was a phone operator at a Playboy Mansion telethon.)

3 thoughts on “We welcome Friday night”

  1. Skit! The idea my group was exploring how you could auction “volunteer experience of a lifetime” trips with philanthropies/charities’ celebrity connections.

  2. I need to remember that. I’m trying to come up with some “experience” prizes for my non-profit. Send any ideas my way!

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