Catch-up post: Two months after the $20 beer

At the time, I was ordering the Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA because it was 20% ABV, and how often did you meet a beer like that in a bar? I saw the price only after the RFD tab arrived. Oops. But two months on, I’d definitely drink another. The B+ at Beer Advocate was about right.

4 thoughts on “Catch-up post: Two months after the $20 beer”

  1. Damnnn… I think that’s a few levels above where I’m at — I was recently chastized for my love of Corona — but my friend former USATer Kristin would go nuts for a mix of social-networking and elite beer tasting. Will shoot you her address if you’re able to hook her up, thanks so much. You a big beer guy?

  2. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for having “commercial” favorites. You drink Corona without a lime. That alone makes it unique.

    Beer snobs are worse than wine snobs because they don’t think they ARE snobs — they just think they are cool. When really they are just as nerdy as wine snobs, except wine snobs fully embrace their snobbery.

    And you know there’s a Dogfish in 7 Corners, right?

  3. Having gone to that Michaels four times last month, I know it all too well and would have gone in if those days hadn’t involved some hammering and lots of making things level.

    Good use of “unique.”

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