St. Patrick’s Day only gets worse for the Nats

2008’s post was “Guess I shouldn’t have complained about the hat.”

Last year, I complained about MLB’s merchandise for St. Patrick’s day. The Yankees and Red Sox got all kinds of stuff. Far less prominent teams got a selection. The Nats got a hat. One green hat was disappointing. The knock-off guys on the corner sold hats across the rainbow all season long.

But I guess no one bought the hat. This year, MLB has given us nothing. Only 13 teams get green merch for the holiday, and the Nats don’t make the cut. Of those who do, the Red Sox take the lead with 29 items, and the Mets grab second with 20 items. The Yanks freefall to third with 19 items. The Cubs get 14 and the White Sox a dozen. Oakland again leads the ridiculous meter. After leaving me incredulous last year with a pair of St. Patrick’s Day sweatshirts, this year brings two shirts and hoody.

Well, guess what? Zero gets worse. The Nats are again shut out this year, but now they are only one of five teams to find themselves so. Twenty-five other teams have green merch for this holiday. That’s two more than in the sale’s previous peak in 2007. With participation on the way up, so goes quantity. The Red Sox get 33 items, Yankees and Mets 30 each, Cubs 28, Cardinals 20, Phillies 19, White Sox 18. And of course Oakland gets its St. Patrick’s Day craziness with 12 items.

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