Experimenting with hair gel for the first time

Recently. Looks exactly like it does at the end of work. Howie: “I know what time it is, Cooper, your hair’s sticking up.” How is this progress?


8 thoughts on “Experimenting with hair gel for the first time”

  1. Bullcrap. If the gel were on the bottom of my head, Junior would be leading the parade down Beard Street. (By the way, I’ve set my TiVo.)

  2. I am shocked and awed by the move to using hair product. We’re FINALLY going to get the CoopFro under control. I do like the little swirl in the front. Btw, shouldn’t it be time for another haircut?

  3. Patrick Patrick Patrick, I am very impressed… Welcome to the world of finishing touches… One tip from one of your oldest friends, be sure this is not actually hair GEL, try hair Paste, or for men- Redken Disrupt. Gel will cause a hard crunch look that is never in style and it will flake as well. A gum or a paste will give you a natural look that will last all day ;)

  4. Welcome back! My barber used hair paste on me when I was in a week ago, and then I found out he lives in my apartment building. So, as a good neighbor and customer, I may have to take his and your advice here. But “Redken Disrupt” — is that really the name of a product or did you just make it up?” It sounds scary.

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