Pic of the county’s sticker sting


County sting outside my apt today. Garage door opens, voila, workers+cop checking all plates+stickers. Never seen anything like it. Pix TK.

As tweet-promised Friday, here’s a shot of the county sticker sting that morning just outside my apartment building’s garage. There were two staffers with clipboards watching the driveway and a sheriff’s deputy standing a little ways off. I passed them on my way to pick up Carlos, so after getting him, we drove back and he got this iPhone shot.

I’d never seen anything like it before, but Jess said she’d heard stories in Arlington. I wonder if the building denied them access or if it’s just a new thing to set up outside. Every apartment or condo-dweller in the county has heard of the hated inside-garage patrols. I didn’t drop my beloved D.C. plates until they ticketed me that way. (Later dropped.)

But this sting’s oddest part? It didn’t hit the other two exits from the garage. Fate and revenue, my friends, fate and revenue…

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