The big empty


We make certain sacrifices. Giving yourself over to work, investing all of yourself in a job, comes at the cost of friendships and relationships. In a way, you realize as much as you go along. But seeing the cumulative effect is harder. A furlough helps. When your work is taken away, you don’t get your friends back. You sure don’t get your relationships back. If just the money was gone, that would be one thing. When your work is gone, and your work is your life, that’s another. It’s the big empty.

I’ve been wrestling with those issues for the past week, and this blog would be a liar by omission if it didn’t admit as much before tomorrow. I haven’t gotten to any good answers. I’ve been trying to find a way to explore things here, as if that would help, and this post is no success. The week has been a little better than expected, more full — or maybe just more distracted. I’ve written in this space about a need to define oneself in relation to the world. There’s so much work left to be done.