YouTube: ‘Reporter gets owned, beat up by grits’

@jamieg (before Twitter): “… Because I firmly believe that when you move somewhere, you should live there. Not live in the sense of grocery shopping and paying rent. I mean live, as in drive two-and-a-half hours south to jump into a kiddie pool of Quaker Instant Grits because this is Georgia and we don’t do Malt-O-Meal here.”

Bookmarked and then lost in a folder last spring after meeting her and becoming a fan, I’ve never blogged Jamie Gumbrecht’s start to her old AJC Newcomer blog. This, my friends, is how you launch something.

2 thoughts on “YouTube: ‘Reporter gets owned, beat up by grits’”

  1. My mom’s cheese grits used to be my favorite. I may never be able to eat grits again!

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