A pasta … truck

Yes. “Unlike an ice cream truck, the pasta truck doesn’t randomly cruise into a neighborhood and announce its arrival with, say, a loudspeaker blaring a Tarentella…” But it should! I would be out the screen door in bare feet in seconds and sprinting down the block waving my dollars.

4 thoughts on “A pasta … truck”

  1. I was extremely disappointed when I couldn’t try out Pizza Hut’s “Pasta Hut” because they don’t deliver it in my area… brilliant idea!

  2. Do they really not deliver around here? How am I supposed to fake out all of my friends at a fake Italian restaurant (where they all somehow order the same thing)??

  3. Hmmm, I might be out waving my dollars too. But only if the guy was named Luigi or Francesco or Matteo. Bob just wouldn’t cut it.

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