Another list I want to eat

Thank you, Grilled Cheese Invitational and Los Angeles Times.

Held during National Grilled Cheese Month, this weekend’s annual cook-off is expected to draw nearly 300 sandwich makers and 1,700 sandwich eaters to Los Angeles State Historic Park, where would-be champions can compete in three categories: Missionary Position (a true test of grilling skill, only bread, butter and cheese are allowed); Kama Sutra (a free-for-all of savory ingredients); or Honey Pot (dessert sandwiches).

It’s all gouda to Walker. “One of the things I’m most happy to see is people considering grilled cheese as a dessert item. It’s by far the most creative category in the event,” he says. Though no one has yet mastered the grilled cheese crème brûlée, last year’s winning dessert sandwich featured rum-flavored ricotta on homemade banana bread grilled in banana-infused butter and drizzled with caramel sauce.

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