94.7: But first let us be awesome before radio death

A DCRTV commenter caught onto this as well, but 94.7 sounded great tonight on the drive home, best I’ve heard it since the day the Globe launched. Did someone give Cerphe permission to play whatever he wanted with the clock running out? It’s too bad the station’s website is gone because I didn’t know half the stuff. The playlist seemed back to more conservative choices by later in the evening, but the run was good while it lasted. (Can the PPM track blocks like that one? Could it have made a little bit of a case for or against that kind of looseness?)

Best discovery in the bunch: Eagles, Those Shoes. I’ve somehow never heard this song on the radio or anywhere else until tonight. “Got those pretty little straps around your ankles /¬†Got those shiny little chains around your heart…” Unfortunately, you can’t find a full, free, original version on the Web. No YouTube, no Google Videos, no iMeem, no Blip.fm, no Last.fm. Don Henley, thanks so much. You still got my dollar on iTunes, but you continue to live up to your Don Henley-ness.

Second best moment: Hearing the CCR Live in Europe version of Hey Tonight. I would’ve driven off the Tysons road if not for a cute blonde driving an SUV in the next lane. You could probably count on one hand the number of times that cut has played on D.C. radio in my lifetime.

3 thoughts on “94.7: But first let us be awesome before radio death”

  1. I wonder if they will continue to operate alternative playlists on their digital channels ala’ 98 rock. Perhaps we’ll get to hear Climax Blues Band couldn’t get it right and maybe some Wilcom outtakes and a whole mess of replacements bootlegs between now and Monday.

    I do know this much. Satellite radio going in my car asap.

  2. Is that what they play on the digital channels? Never would’ve known it from the rare mentions of them on air. That’s a shame.

  3. “Those Shoes” is an awesome Eagles tune! Glad you found it. Love the reference to, “Don Henley-ness”.

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