I want to eat the entire bulleted list

Pecorino cheese rivals the parm in my heart, and now Serious Eats writes about it. The only thing that could make the cheese better would be Giada misprouncing it adoringly. Thanks to Jess for the link.

–Try a fresh, young or medium-aged pecorino with fresh pears and a drizzle of Italian chestnut or acacia honey, a classic combination that is enjoyed throughout Tuscany and beyond.

–Pair an aged Pecorino stagionato with a bowl of toasted walnuts, or a rustic loaf of walnut bread, toasted and warm–the bitter edge of the walnuts compliments the rich, nutty flavor of the cheese perfectly.

–Grate lots of Pecorino (young, old, or both) into ravioli filling for fresh pasta. Try fresh ricotta, sheep’s milk if you can find it, with chopped, sautéed swiss chard a bit of grated nutmeg.

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