Record Store Day in Chicago

Last weekend, it turned out the Dave’s Records I had found on Record Store Day’s site and followed on MySpace was just down three blocks from where I was staying at Karen’s. There was a line outside before opening. (And hey, there I was. As you can see in the picture, Karen tolerated the line affair, but I soon took mercy and sent her away.)


I had fantasies of Tweedy working at the counter with a “JEFF” badge, but Dave and his trusty assistant were pretty cool. Got the Wilco DVD, the Springsteen 45 for my favorite WOAD song and Whiskeytown’s 45. (The Gaslight live EP was nowhere in Chicago RSD previews I found.)


A Wilco moment that did occur: Waiting with CRCers at Hot Chocolate, hearing the opening notes of Impossible Germany — the first song the restaurant was playing all day, sounding wonderfully pure and rich — just as Lindsay saw this painting and totally misinterpreted my “Nice!”


(Screengrab, Hot Chocolate site.) (Also, fair enough.)

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