Someone else’s mixtape

“You already know the story / And the chords are just the same /¬†You already know I love you / And I sound like what’s-his-name,” I’ve got Wilco’s Someone Else’s Song lyrics¬†onscreen over the nights-set-apart trumpet break of Chet Baker’s But Not for Me, track one side B of “To the Seductive Calumet River Girl,” the month-old latest posting to the slowing Cassettes From My Ex. Track one, side A is the Replacements’ Unsatisfied, and talk about an honest way to start a mix, talk about trusting she’ll know you don’t mean her and hear your track two. But the price of admission is the sixth song, new to me, Steve Earle and Lucinda Williams singing You’re Still Standin’ There. I’ve been awake since one for no good reason, and I think this is the only song that’s going to put me back to sleep. Or recently on radio, Kiss Me Deadly.