Taste test: The $1 Dippin’ Dots knock-off


IttiBitz, the ice cream of a presumably alternative future. I remembered to look for recall notices only midway through the package, but all was OK. That’s about what you can say for the ice cream. With IttiBitz, call them bits, pellets, balls or beads — any word that’s not “dots,” I guess — and the concept still makes no sense or positive impression outside a Six Flags or minor league baseball. See Freezer Burns video review.

3 thoughts on “Taste test: The $1 Dippin’ Dots knock-off”

  1. I paid $5.50 last night at Camden Yards for gelatinous, artifically flavored disgusting inedible pellets prefrozen together with freezer burn. What can we do to fight this and get our money back?

  2. Penny, that is one bad night! I say come on down to Nats Park and meet our teen gelato vendors. They’re too young to know how to skimp on quantity or quality. And the little spoon makes it seem like even more value for the dollar.

  3. Y’all I’m eating the “super power” flavored one in 2019 and it is physically hurting me.
    Help. How do you mess this up.
    It’s like a rancid fruit cream.

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